In introducing their technologies to EMEA, Softbank Robotics realised that their commercial model had untapped potential and wanted to change that. They needed a future-proof value proposition in order to accelerate growth and stand out in the market.

Stefano Bensi, General Manager, Softbank Robotics EMEA, explains: “Valcon helped us analyse our target market, our customer journey maps and our product usage data to gain insights into the needs of our customers. From there, we worked with Valcon to solidify an innovative product offering and compelling financial structure.”

Valcon’s subscription-based commercial excellence model with state-of-the art pricing and value proposition was identified as the lever for growth in SoftBank Robotics EMEA and was coupled with change leadership and coaching for sustainable results.

Stefano Bensi adds: “Thanks to Valcon, our sellers are well prepared to engage in value-based sales delivery and we are excited by the response of customers.”

Softbank Robotics realised that they needed a 360-degree commercial excellence model that also included coaching and change leadership initiatives as they added new professionals to their team.

Valcon’s Commercial Excellence model was implemented in Softbank Robotics. The comprehensive model covers sales strategy, sales organisation and processes, sales controlling and sales organisation and competences.

Softbank Robotics gained a strong product and service differentiation through segmentation and value proposition. And more importantly, they gained a one-team enterprise mindset through clear and simple sales incentive structures that allowed them to work more consistently and efficiently as one team.

And although the model is comprehensive, they managed to work with all aspects of the model within just 11 months.

Impact of the commercial excellence project in Softbank Robotics included

  • Strong products/service differentiation made possible through segmentation and value proposition
  • Attractive commercial model and pricing with future-proof needs-based approach
  • Strong sales rep engagement through CRM-based sales progress tracking & sales supporting tools like templates, contracts etc.
  • One-team enterprise mindset through clear and simple sales incentive structures
  • Clear 2-year business plan to secure business success and fund new product launches

Supported by Valcon’s commercial excellence model, Softbank Robotics strengthened their business plan as well as improved their understanding of their markets, created a unique commercial model and a future-proof organisation.

The company is now in a strong position to make strong dynamic moves on the market in 2021 and beyond thanks to the compelling structure in their commercial model and data-driven ways of working. As Stefano Bensi states it: “Our team is even more well prepared now to accelerate with confidence.”

About Softbank Robotics

SoftBank Robotics is a worldwide leader in robotics solutions specialised in 4th generation service robots for the facility management and hospitality industry. There are currently over 15,000 SoftBank Robotics robots sold across five continents. Softbank Robotics is part of Softbank Group that has a revenue of DKK 364 billion per annum.