The How

Key target for Valcon was to implement a new culture through a change in Nyhavn Rejser’s strategy and sales approach.

The new thing for Nyhavn Rejser was to start using customer insights (data mining) and draw more firm conclusions based on data.

Customer satisfaction and performance are measured on an ongoing basis, and not only customers but also those who did not buy are asked questions to gain data on customer behaviour.

The culture change has provided sales staff with a great deal of confidence – sales staff is now proactively phoning the customers to ask if they are ready to talk about their next vacation.

CEO Henrik Fuglsang states that Nyhavn Rejser’s bottom line has improved as well as the contribution margin. Results will show in future bottom lines, as the project progresses, and it will have a positive effect on revenues and profitability.

I am glad that Valcon kicked us in the behind and told it like it was, and that Valcon was open about what needed to be done, as this frankness was one of the main reasons for achieving the results we did.

Henrik Fuglsang CEO, Nyhavn Rejser