Working closely with an open and committed team from LEGO, we realised that drastic times called for a solution that stirred up the way the company operated. LEGO made the daring decision to turn the management structure completely upside down, and the results were stunning! Focus used to be on the top line and on gross margin.

Today, LEGO operates with focus on the bottom line, constantly considering both customers and the product portfolio. The change empowers employees, such as Key Account Managers and Product Managers, who have a direct impact on costs. And this management shift sent powerful, positive ripples throughout the entire company, improving the culture and behaviour.

LEGO’s new business model helps cut through bottlenecks, optimises unprofitable customers and products, improves internal processes and makes thousands of effective decisions daily … ultimately resulting in a better business that brings home billions of DKK in profit.

“Let's not make things too complicated, let's not be too academic, let's just be good business folks."

Jørgen Vig Knudstorp CEO, LEGO Group