The development project has resulted in new, cross-functional objectives, defined focus area’s for the department’s development and a significantly changed organisation capable of lifting the department to a whole new level. The first steps have therefore been taken in the process of setting up a department meeting the city’s needs in an efficient manner in cooperation with citizens and businesses and within the framework set out by the politicians.

Both the result and the process behind it set new standards for inclusion and development in the public sector.

The process began with an open ambition but no solutions. The organisation change was for example a product of the process – not a prerequisite for it. The work was furthermore initiated with enough time in the schedule to allow for six months from starting the process to when the results were to be realised.

This enabled a broad involvement of middle managers, employees and stakeholders in a process which involved in the entire organisation in defining both targets and solutions before management made the final decisions on direction and invited the 100 top managers to participate in a two-day start-up of the execution.

The task was to a wide extent solved by the department’s own resources at both manager and employee level, while Valcon’s role was to develop the right methods and process for executing the project in close cooperation with the project team from the department of environment and construction.

The result of the development project is an organisation which increasingly involves and allocates responsibility. One of the main prerequisites for realising the change is that the development process has also been characterised by extensive inclusion and allocation of responsibilities.

I am truly proud of the results we have already achieved with “Together for the city 2.0”. Valcon has been a great help throughout the process and has provided us with tools we did not have before. I am in particular grateful that they enabled us to handle the challenges ourselves instead of just solving them for us. This is why we are now able to drive the implementation according to plan.

Pernille Andersen CEO, TMF