Holbaek municipality had launched a number of initiatives when we met. Their vision had been defined: “Holbaek together” and “Holbaek municipality as a strong player”, silos had been torn down, and a major reorganisation had been carried out.

The group management had a new structure and work approach and was facing a major transformation task in implementing the new organisation while handling large budget challenges.

Valcon helped the organisation move swiftly and efficiently through the transformation by ensuring direction and clarification the entire way, and a new organisation has now been implemented and operations made more efficient without losing focus of the vision.

The four major focus areas were to:

  • Specify the strategy in a game plan with clear targets for the next three year
  • Define a new operating model in “Education for all young people” (“Uddannelse til alle unge”)
  • Set up a robust project model for the building area
  • Optimise the cross-functional, administrative processes through standardisation, efficiency improvements and restructuring

Valcon has worked closely with the new group management and the employees in the various areas and has been involved at all levels. In the strategy work, in implementing the operating model and in the operational optimisations. This has resulted in highly specific recommendations grounded in the reality experienced by the employees, and the process of the strategy work was designed to reduce the gap between vision and practice.

Today, the municipality has achieved a clear picture of how to achieve the strategy targets. The work on setting a game plan for realising the vision of “Holbaek municipality as a strong player” has provided a strong, shared understanding in group management of the change conditions for success so critical for the municipality to be able to achieve its vision and targets. Targets are now broken down into specific and observable states used to guide the daily priorities.

We have achieved a clear link between our strategy and our operations. In the management group, we have become much better at taking responsibility for the implementation of decisions throughout the entire organisation – and better at sticking to them.

Executive management Holbæk municipality