The How

Carlsberg’s vision was challenged by the realities of decreasing customer satisfaction and efficiency benchmarks showing that ASC’s performance was below the average level of similar functions in other companies. A change in company culture was needed to break the vicious circle.

To start the change process, Carlsberg and Valcon together defined a lean and operational management roadmap to be fully aligned with the Carlsberg Group vision. The roadmap included a new work culture aimed at building and developing the right competences and behaviours to boost daily operation.

This has moved the unit away from a reactive mindset: “We are told what to do, we cannot do anything to make our workday better” – to a proactive mindset: “We can make a difference. Through facts and improvements we can make our own workday better, and we can even challenge our customers to strive for better end-to-end processes.”

With this new mindset, Carlsberg ASC has changed from being introspective to become a centre of competence ready to resolve issues in other Carlsberg units.

Improving the company culture was the most critical factor supporting our lean journey with Valcon. Lean prompted huge improvements to our employees’ proactive behaviour and ownership approach.

Lars Boye Rasmussen General Manager, Carlsberg ASC