We have learnt a lot from our cooperation with Kaspar Basse, founder and CEO of JOE & THE JUICE, and we would like to share four main learnings, which could be of benefit to executives in businesses across sectors and industries. The list is by no means exhaustive, but we have learnt the following:

  • Think of your organisation as your family. You can’t control your managers and employees, so you just have to trust them as you trust your own family. It is a change of mindset, which may take some time to adjust to. Your attitude, charisma and mindset rub off on others – for better and worse. If you offer trust, you will receive trust. But if you can’t count on the people you work with, you should of course act on it. And just remember that control would not have helped anyway. We are more or less all part of companies and organisations consisting of people, in which the knowledge, behaviour and mindset of these people are more important than anything else. Begin by acknowledging that and use it positively instead of regarding it as an annoying factor to be manipulated.
  • Think from the inside out. Your customers cannot design or change your business. Only you should and can do that. So study it from the inside out. What would motivate and inspire you? What would give you energy? If you are motivated and inspiring and energetic, it will rub off, and the customers will be able to feel it and see it immediately. So remember that the motivation should come organically from the inside and not from the outside in the form of stick and carrot. All jobs can be made more interesting if they are designed and configured to allow room for freedom to become better and to see the bigger picture.
  • Give it all you got. Hard work pays off. It is not the solution to all problems but part of the solution to most problems. This is why it should be made clear why and how it makes sense as stated above under point 3. Because it is not fun and also not possible to work hard if you have to do it “just because”. So there you have it.
  • Motivation is everything. Why do we spend time with our families for example? Why do some people do volunteer work? Why do people like Kaspar Basse and a lot of others even found businesses? Not because we have to, or because we are punished if we don’t. We do it because we want to. Because it motivates us. Can you get your employees to do something – be it smile, learn the service concept by heart or ask the customer for his name – by paying them money every time they do so? Or by threatening to let them go every time they don’t? Yes, you can. But does it motivate them? Does it work? No, because we don’t want them to do it because we pay them, but because it is the right thing to do. Because it feels right to them. It motivates them.

“Hire those who are motivated, and make sure to inspire them. If they are inspired, they will inspire each other and the customers” (Hansen & Basse, 2016).

Kaspar Basse Founder and CEO