The How

Member centricity was the keyword, and focus was on designing the optimal member experience based on lean and member management principles.

A customer journey map was created, data fed in, and critical touchpoints were identified for an optimal member experience. This lead to structural changes in the organisation to distribute resources in the most effective way, as the overall objective was to increase loyalty to create more ambassadors, while simultaneously improving efficiency.

As a result of the transformation, ASE now has a clear definition of what a good member looks like and knows more clearly what drives their members’ loyalty.

Results from the transformation at ASE are plentiful. The number of ambassadors has risen by more than 25% during the last couple of years, and overall loyalty among members has risen by approximately 30% over a period of eight months. Alongside this, there has been a 40% increase in efficiency improvements in the same period.

Implementing this transformation in ASE was a long, hard push but has had a large, positive impact on fulfilling our vision.

Karsten Mølgaard CEO, ASE