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The Danish Debt Collection Agency was in the middle of a very complex and challenging transformation. The agency was established in 2018 as part of the political decision “From one to seven agencies” and was made responsible for clearing and handling old and new debt in the public sector. In addition to focusing on its core task and the implementation of a new debt collecting system, the organisation had to build a new management team, establish new processes, recruit and relocate more than 1,000 employees as well as implement a new organisational structure and culture.


Valcon supported the Danish Debt Collection Agency in the restoration and establishment process with a great emphasis on change leadership in all activities and at all levels, including the provision of feedback and advice at both strategic, tactical and operational levels. Valcon established a team of experienced consultants with different profiles who could support the Danish Debt Collecting Agency in everything from programme management, production management and organisational design to cultural transformation. In addition, Valcon set up and implemented agile programme management of one of Denmark’s largest IT development projects, as well as managed the PMO that controlled the transformation of the many projects and programmes.


The project resulted in the implementation of a new organisational structure, which ensured the basis for the continued restoration of the debt collection system.