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The energy market was undergoing a rapid transformation due to liberalisation, climate changes and digital development, resulting in increased pressure on SEAS-NVE’s productivity. At the same time, SEAS-NVE was experiencing a large influx of new customers due to increased sales efforts. Unfortunately, the customer centre was not geared to incorporate the number of new customers, which led to a decline in productivity, dissatisfied customers, a high level of absenteeism and low employee satisfaction in the customer centre.


Valcon helped SEAS-NVE reorganise the customer centre, marketing and sales to increase productivity in the different departments. The project resulted in an increase in employee satisfaction by 80%, which reduced dissatisfied customers significantly. Together with the customer centre’s management, Valcon developed fact-based forecasting for SEAS-NVE’s operations. Resources freed were subsequently used for further improvements in the customer centre. Furthermore, Valcon supported SEAS-NVE in prioritising shop floor management and building permanent coaching and feedback processes with managers in the customer centre.


The project resulted in a productivity increase of 19% together with a 90% reduction in lost customers.