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After a period with a series of bad news in the press, the Danish Patient Safety Authority discovered a number of critical tasks that did not comply with the authority’s processes. The Authority needed help to prepare a governance model that would enable the management to take control of the processes. Process awareness as well as insight into the conditions and possibilities of process design and process optimisation were key components in the manager’s range of efficiency levers. The Agency needed to establish ‘to-be’ processes, create a governance model as well as to ensure that the employees in the future would work in accordance with the processes and live up to the Agency’s national targets of patient safety.


Valcon helped the Danish Patient Safety Authority map ‘to-be’ processes, which the governance model was subsequently designed after and tied to. Operational management boards were implemented and enabled transparent operations management of the processes securing that critical tasks were not missed. The project resulted in robust operations and enabled the management team to monitor a number of critical factors as well as act on any deviations immediately.


The project resulted in robust operations and ensured that all tasks were handled uniformly and correctly.