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In 2012, SAS launched the 4XNG strategy with a financial goal to improve EBT by SEK 8bn and to reduce unit costs by 18% by 2015. This significantly reduced resource buffers in SAS’s delivery system and demanded increased productivity across the organisation with imminent risk of non-compliance with SAS’s customer promises and a negative impact on SAS’s delivery KPIs. SAS’s group management decided to accelerate the roll-out of a radical change in the organisation and its culture to create breakthrough results in SAS. This process was facilitated by Valcon.


Based on this decision, SAS’s management chose to initiate the development of a new organisational form and corporate culture with Valcon’s support. The new corporate culture was to focus on creating breakthrough results through an Executive Change Lab process that focused on motivating a new way of working, developing ambition and goals of the breakthrough culture and ensuring conditions for success. A key element of this strategic and organisational turnaround was the application of Valcon’s/Being First’s change management principles and management processes, which has created the necessary managerial engagement.


SAS achieved a significant improvement in their productivity and punctuality.