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The insurance company had defined a new set of strategic ambitions on how to increase revenues while at the same time reducing costs in sales and service. One initiative was to build one consolidated customer centre as the first step towards an omnichannel approach towards the insurance company’s customers.

In order to fulfil the insurance company’s expectations, top management had to define its strategic ambitions including KPIs and value creation for the customer centre, overall design and a three-year roadmap reflecting how to succeed.

Valcon helped them redesign, optimize and implement their new customer service operational model. We supported and facilitated the management process and followed up by supporting the new management team on how to get started on building a strong foundation supporting the change. Our support included the development of a toolbox for the management team, recommendations with belonging business cases, management systems and one-to-one counselling with the new top manager.


Valcon helped the insurance company set the overall ambition for merging customer service entities across regions, service channels and products. The project helped the insurance company communicate ambitious and unambiguous strategic ambitions that were reflected in the organisational structure and roll-out plan.