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The client’s ambition to enable no human intervention and deviation-free batches for the production filling lines was challenged by long implementation time and limited effect of improvements.
In addition, the number of ongoing implementation projects exceeded the execution capacity. All in all, the effort did not deliver the expected and needed outcomes – and the regulatory clock for no human intervention was ticking.


We helped a large international pharmaceutical company enable no human intervention and operational improvements on production filling lines via agile way of working.
By implementing agile way of working, the client increased effect and reduced lead time and risk in operations improvement projects.


Valcon helped the client implement agile way of working, including among others mutual prioritisation of filling line improvement projects across business areas to narrow down the number of ongoing projects to the most valuable or critical ones.

By involving the right people in the right projects, project scopes were focused into smaller, “first time right” solutions and shorter lead time, resulting in improved throughput and ultimately bringing the strategic ambition of no human intervention and deviation-free batches within reach.