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A european-based, international pharmaceutical company was facing challenges due to declining productivity, increasing cost of goods, increasing number of non-conformities (NC), increasing inventory levels and declining On-Time-In-Full (OTIF) to its customers.


We helped the client to realise their cost efficiencies by creating a common production system. The project exceeded expectations resulting in a 50% reduction in NC lead time, a 30% reduction in inventory levels and a 50% increase in overall batch release capacity with the same number of employees.


To achieve the desired objective, Valcon implemented its proven lean transformation model, including:

  • The use of breakthrough projects to achieve fast benefits
  • Policy deployment for transparency and fast problem-solving
  • Specific lean tools for the company’s unique problems
  • Coaching of managers to create a common management language and way of using the implemented tools, which ensured the sustainability of the project