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This major UK retailer needed to radically transform its digital front end and underlying data infrastructure. To deliver this at an accelerated pace, Agile methodology was used for the first time. However, after several months, the organisation still lacked a credible transformation plan that laid out the delivery journey and the resulting benefits. Without this the programme was unable:

• To resource correctly
• To provide delivery confidence
• To get business engagement or buy in.


Valcon was brought in to build a credible roadmap focusing on the major activities, key systems impacted and who, where and when the benefits would impact.

In building and circulating this roadmap, Valcon used the opportunity to generate significant business engagement, and ultimately buy in to the programme. Valcon did this through a series of planning workshops. Beginning with a high-level road mapping session which in turn allowed us to understand what detailed workshops would be required such as testing focused, environments focused and delivery focused.



The key benefits of this planning activity meant for the first time the client was confidently able to see the full journey they needed to go on, and in turn resource for it and track progress against it. This process also helped identify several significant resource bottle necks that the client was able to resolve before disaster struck.

The roadmap was an incredibly powerful stakeholder engagement tool that allowed us to engage with the business and other senior stakeholders in a way that they could understand the full scope of the programme for the first time.