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You will be

Joining one of the fastest growing consultancies in Europe. We are now 1250+ people. We’re doers who think. Who can take the client’s strategy, turn it into an actionable blueprint and help the client get it done. Who have deep expertise in operationalising strategy, process design, digitisation, data and analytics, automation, technology and change. But because the whole will always be greater than the sum of the parts, we weave these skills together in different ways to respond to new opportunities and challenges.

Your experience:

  • Experience leading teams of developers tasked with creating data products in an MI/BI project context
  • Understand and ensure appropriate procedures and processes are followed during product development
  • Resolving performance issues and making revisions when necessary
  • Good communication skills – ability to bridge the gap between tech/development teams and less-technical stakeholder groups (project managers, business analysts, client customers etc.)
  • Nice to have – previous experience of working in Central Government
  • Competent in SQL Server, specifically:
    • DDL (e.g. Create, Drop)
    • DQL (e.g. Select)
    • DML (e.g. Insert Into, Update)
    • Joins (e.g. Inner Join, Left Join, Cross Apply)
    • Data manipulation functions (e.g. Cast, Datediff, Concat)
    • Conditional logic (e.g. Case, Coalesce)
    • Aggregate functions (e.g. Count, Max)
    • Windowing functions (e.g. Over Partition By)
  • Familiarity with Power BI and writing DAX expressions
  • Familiarity with Power BI Datasets/Microsoft Analysis Services Tabular Models and able to create/modify these in Visual Studio
  • Comfortable using Git
  • Able to convert written business rules into SQL code
  • Security-cleared / clearable (meaning UK passport or 5 years permanent residence in the UK)
  • Nice to have: Awareness of / experience using Azure Synapse

We offer you:

The opportunity to work in a diverse and international environment with an informal culture, with a flat hierarchy, in which we cooperate across business areas and levels. You will be working with some of the most talented and experienced consultants, and you will become part of a value-driven company.

We care about results, not methodologies. But first and foremost, we care about people and how we can constantly challenge each other to become better. To do better. Your background is less important to us than your ability to create results, to create change. We prize excellence and ingenuity but know that both have to be grounded in reality. The reality of making our clients ready for the future.


We will be reviewing applications and conducting interviews on an on-going basis, so please send us your application as soon as possible.

Apply today!


  • Integrity, respect, intellectually curious and an open mind
  • Reliable, proactive, result-oriented and focused
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Work comfortably, collaboratively and productively within a team and across multidisciplinary functions


United Kingdom