Are we a good match?

Valcon is always looking for ambitious and talented candidates. Both for our position as junior consultant, which you are welcome to apply for when you have started your Master’s, and our graduate programme targeted at recent graduates and candidates who are in the beginning of their career.

The perfect candidate has the right professional qualifications. We are looking for candidates with strong analytical skills and entrepreneurial spirit who are able to carry out the great ideas in practice. Our perfect candidate has solid problem-solving competences and thrives on taking on responsibility for leaving lasting footprints with our clients.

It is one thing to have the right professional competences. It is another to possess the qualities matching our culture – a culture that we think is rather unique. Our culture is based on our core values: competences, performance, joy and integrity, and in our daily work, we are characterised by having ambitions but no sharp elbows and an informal culture without a rigid hierarchy in which we cooperate across business areas and levels. In Valcon, we pull together.

Happiness in future tense

In Valcon, we are taking employee satisfaction to the next level. We have launched a cooperation with The Happiness Research Institute to find out how we can become the happiest company in the world. This will not happen overnight, but the happiness and welfare of our people are always at the core of what it means to work in Valcon. We work continuously on providing the best possible framework that will enable our people to realise their full potential.

Join our team of young professionals
Join our team of young professionals
Integrity is in our DNA - it’s in our approach and in everything we do Hanna Berg

What to expect as a graduate

We have developed a well-structured training programme for young professionals in Valcon which will ensure that you gain the competences that will make you a world-class consultant. You will continuously receive the necessary feedback from either a buddy, mentor, leader or project manager who will ensure that you will continue to develop in your daily work. Your training and work with our clients will ensure your steep learning curve at the beginning of your career.

What to expect as a junior consultant

When you work as a junior consultant, you will gain project experience and a consulting toolbox by cooperating closely with skilled and experienced colleagues, who are leaders and experts, young ambitious consultants and naturally fellow junior consultants. This will ensure your steep learning curve, and prepare you well, if you are interested in moving forward and become part of our graduate programme when you have finished your studies. As a junior consultant you will be working on a flexible schedule that will allow you to focus on studies and exams.

Our ideal candidate could come from anywhere in the world, but it is important that you have excellent proficiency in English.